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Galileo FX Support: Connecting with us

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Here are three accessible ways to reach our support team.

24/7 Chat Service
For basic issues such as Galileo FX not functioning, choosing a broker, or quick clarifications, you can rely on our chat service available round-the-clock at store.galileofx.com

Email Support
For further assistance, you can reach out to [email protected] where Chris, our top-notch support specialist with extensive experience in Galileo FX, will handle your queries. Please Note: Our email support service operates from 9am to 5pm CET (Central European Time), Monday through Friday.

Support Sessions
or more complicated inquiries, you have the option of requesting a support session via [email protected]. After providing proof of purchase, you can schedule a support session. Each client is entitled to two free sessions per month. In these sessions, you'll have the chance to interact with Chris directly and share your screen so that any complex issue requiring a deeper understanding can be resolved by him.

TIP: You can also post your questions here in this forum section, adding another way to get the help you need.
Not open for further replies.