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Funds paid but no access to download SW

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Need some help
First time using these platforms and coin-based transactions.
I made a payment but my wallet subtracted costs for the transaction from the transaction amount instead of extra funds so I made an underpayment.
After this made another payment with same payment code to pay full amount as was indicated from the support mail address.
Since then I have been struggling to get feedback on how to open an account or download the SW paid for and its been about two weeks already and starting to think I have lost the funds for the SW as not getting any real meaningful help from the support email address.
Will a team member be able to assist?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.
We apologize for the confusion. Your order was indeed underpaid due to transaction costs deducted from your wallet. Our team member Chris will reach out to you shortly to guide you through the process of paying the remaining balance. Please note that we cannot provide the download files until we receive the full payment. Thanks for your understanding.
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