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Code of Conduct: Must Be Acknowledged Prior to Registration or Posting

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Respect Our Rules:
We operate on a three-strike system.
A first offense will result in a warning.
A second offense may lead to a ban for two weeks.
A third offense may result in a permanent ban from our forum.

Example: You accidentally make a post that violates one of the forum rules. You receive a warning from the moderators, reminding you of the rules, and you ensure to respect them in your future posts.

Evidence-Based Discussion
"In God we trust; all others must bring data."

When discussing the performance of our trading bot, Galileo FX, please include supporting proof or the settings used. This maintains the integrity of our discussions and helps everyone learn more effectively.

Example: You have noticed some impressive gains (or, unfortunately, losses) with your Galileo FX bot. When you share this news on the forum, you attach a screenshot of your trading results and mention the settings, the currency pairs, the timeframe you used, and the specific days and hours.

Detailed Complaints
"The devil is in the detail."

If you have any complaints, we'd love to hear them! But remember, we can only address issues if we have specific details. Complaints without such details may be removed.

Example: You've been experiencing some issues with the bot. Instead of just saying "the bot isn't working", you provide specific details like "I'm having trouble with the bot when using XYZ setting. It appears to be executing trades slower than usual".

Effort and Understanding
"Rome wasn't built in a day."

Remember that our bot, like any tool, requires some effort and adjustment to work effectively. Posts assuming otherwise will be deleted.

Example: You've just received your Galileo FX bot and instead of assuming it will work perfectly out of the box, you spend time tweaking the settings, understanding how it works, and then sharing your experiences with the community.

Embrace Constructive Criticism
"There is no failure. Only feedback."

We welcome constructive criticism! If you have any ideas or solutions, along with your issues, don't hesitate to share them. It helps us improve.

Example: You've noticed a potential improvement for Galileo FX. So, you make a post discussing this potential issue but also suggest a solution, demonstrating constructive criticism.

Technical Problem Threads
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

If you're facing technical issues with our software, please post them in the designated technical problems forum to receive the appropriate assistance.

Example: You're having a software problem with the bot. Instead of posting in the general chat, you go to the designated "Technical Problems" forum and post your query there.

Focused Discussions
"Stay in your lane."

Please keep discussions centered on our bot, MetaTrader, and related topics.

Example: You've found a new broker that pairs well with Galileo FX and MetaTrader. You decide to start a thread discussing this broker and how it benefits your trading.
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